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PAM'S PET PALACE of Plantation - Broward County - Private Home Dog Boarding - for the Petite, Precious & PAMpered Pet! Also, join our "Funtastic" Dog Group Social -- "EXERCISE & SOCIALIZE FOR PETS & THEIR PEOPLE!" for dog park, dog lake, dog beach, and Dine With Your K-9 events!


A Little Bit of Paradise For Your Petite,

Precious and PAMpered Pet!

For special needs, senior dogs and toy breeds.  






Hi there!  Thank you for visiting my site!

As a tiny dog owner, safety has always been an important issue for me with my Zoie.   While living in NY, at my last job, I worked as a legal secretary for an elderly attorney before he passed on, and I was very fortunate in that he just adored my Zoie, so I was able to bring her to work with me every day.

But, after moving out here to Florida I always felt sad going to work being away all day, and no longer having that luxury of being able to take her with me. I felt worse in not feeling secure enough to leave her in doggie facility either.  In the back of my mind there was always this paranoid feeling of "what if?" a few larger, aggressive dogs got loose in that environment and hurt my little girl?  For that reason, I have decided to help those of you with the same fears for your special little ones up to 12 pounds. 

I can also really relate to not wanting to leave your dog in a kennel cage for at least 3/4ths of the day.  This may cause them a lot of stress, and some of my customers have told me that their pet hardly ate and lost a lot of weight while boarded, or tried not to alleviate themselves going to the bathroom.  Even leaving them at home with a pet sitter who comes by to take them out for walks and to care for them a couple of hours a day, may leave your dog feeling lonely and sad, or, worse... suffering with separation anxiety, because most dogs just love the constant companionship of humans being around them.  So let your pet feel secure, be happy and comfy in my home. They will also enjoy the company of my doggy diva - sweet lil 8 pound poodle, Zoie. She absolutely loves the company of other dogs and gets all excited to meet new friends!  We both do, as a matter of fact!


This is nothing like a kennel -- however, if your dog is crate trained and that is their special place, you are welcome to bring it along.  I am here as a full-time surrogate mother to spoil them as if they were home with you!   I like to give everybody special one on one time -- so, if your baby is used to being a lap dog for most of the day, I am available for however long they want to cuddle!  No kennel or even a pet resort, would make themselves available to lap sit your baby for as long as he/she wants or is used to, being in their own home, right?!  Yes, I am the one to give your little one, that one on one attention they crave and are so used to getting.

Zoie and I live in Country Club Estates in Plantation, in a beautiful house.  We have a special doggy room with baskets of toys and doggy beds.  Our yard is totally fenced for your dog(s) to romp around and enjoy all day, with a doggie pool.  My little Zoie is a true sun goddess, along with some of our guests! 

While you are away, this can be your doggie's castle!  They are free to enjoy my home with no restrictions and everybody gets to sleep in my bedroom (even in my bed if you permit it)!  Owners are encouraged to bring your dog's own bed, blankie, favorite toys, food, bones, treats, brush/comb (and medicines required, if any) during their stay to make it even more enjoyable for them. 

I love to cook healthy foods for my little Zoie -- so there is always fresh chicken, brown rice in broth and ground turkey meatloaf with veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes, etc. for them to share too.   My home is their home while they are here!  Best of all is all the fun they will have, because Zoie, my socialable, friendly, loving, 8 pound toy poodle is in charge of being the activity director and I'm in charge of the spoiling!

I will care for your pet for a few days or for weeks at a time. You and your best doggie friend are welcome to come over to see my home and to meet with me and my sweet Zoie.  Please email me at PamsPetPalace@aol.com and I will respond upon receipt, or, call 954-920-9290.  Please leave a message and I'll get back to you. Thanks!